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2018 QA Insights: Lessons from test IO's Crowdtesting Data

About test IO

test IO pioneered and specializes in crowdtesting for agile software development. Around two hundred customer-obsessed organizations -- and their developers, quality assurance engineers, and product managers -- rely on the power and flexibility of test IO’s self-service platform to ship their software faster with the quality their customers demand.

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Check out what we've learned after analyzing data from almost 8,000 test runs for our customers. 

This white paper breaks down the many insights that come from looking at 100,000 reported bugs in 2017 alone. Recommendations and best practices are included to help businesses make their QA approach more efficient.

Four topics in particular will be explored in this paper:

Testing in production -- a supplement to agile development

Mobile app crashes -- the top three causes

Software platforms -- too narrow a focus can be risky

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